Saturday, December 14, 2013

Contact Paper Tree

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I love using contact paper with children. At one childcare center I worked at, we used it all the time. I picked up a roll to use with Skyler, knowing that I wanted to create a play activity on the glass sliding door in our dining room. As we were making the hand print wreaths, I knew exactly how to incorporate the contact paper with another 'decoration' for the holidays. I was able to prepare all of the materials during Skyler's nap, and we played with it when he woke up. It has been a lot of fun, and is getting more filled every day. It is definitely something that Skyler likes to go back to often.

For this activity I measured the contact paper to the height of the door, then traced out the shape I wanted, adding some green around the outside to make it look like a Christmas tree. I rolled the cut shape it in the opposite direction so it would flatten out a bit before taping the non-stick side to the door. I taped the star and trunk onto the door and we were ready to play!

All of the components of the tree, with the exception of the trunk (which was made with orange construction paper and brown crayon). We used the pom poms for awhile, but Skyler did not like them as much, so we have just been using the foam circles. 

I set this up as Skyler slept and just peeled off the paper to reveal the sticky side when he woke up!

He was so excited in his first moments playing with the tree. 

Starting to fill up! I cut the circles for the tree ornaments and the star from sheets of foam. Skyler enjoyed just playing with the foam pieces as well, trying to stick them to his shirt like he normally does with stickers. He now realizes that the foam pieces have to go on the tree to stick.

This is the most recent look for the contact paper tree. Skyler still goes back frequently and puts on new ornaments, or takes off and repositions already stuck pieces.

I especially like the tree because it is both a fun fine motor activity for Skyler to play with and a festive decoration that can be seen inside and outside of our home!


  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this! Definitely trying this with my kids this Christmas!