Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine Peek-A-Boo Play Dough

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I have a confession: Before yesterday, I had never done play dough with Skyler.

I always wanted to make play dough with him, and for one reason or another, we never did. My sensory board on Pinterest is chock-full of various play dough recipes and yet my poor toddler has been deprived of the amazing fun that is play dough. I felt like such a bad mama! I have been planning on making this glittery pink play dough for Valentine's Day. I went out and bought all of the ingredients we needed several weeks ago, and the day we were going to make it we ran out of our red food coloring when we played with baking soda and vinegar, so I put it off again.

We had so much fun making and playing with this play dough yesterday, and I know this new-for-Skyler sensory activity is going to be requested in our home often!

We made the Best Ever No Cook Play Dough Recipe from The Imagination Tree. I knew this would be the perfect recipe for Skyler to help make, and it is the most wonderful play dough I've made!

I have been staring down these ingredients every day, waiting to make our play dough!
Skyler loved making the play dough. I did the measuring and he did all of the dumping of ingredients and the mixing! I added the boiling water and mixed until it had cooled a bit, and then he was back to work mixing it up. We added red food coloring and a ton of pink glitter to our dough, to make it more Valentine themed. 

I wish I could blame this on Skyler, but it was all me...

I knocked over the food coloring while putting the ingredients away and stained the counter and my hand so badly! Luckily the counter was fairly simple to clean with boiling water, but my easily-stained skin is still quite pink today :)

Back to our fun! Our play dough accessories and tools included a set of heart cookie cutters and some small plastic heart gems. 

We had a wonderful afternoon playing with our super glittery Valentine themed play dough! (You must admire those sweet chubby arms and the adorable wrist roll - I couldn't help but take a ton of pictures!!) Skyler loved everything about this. I call it peek-a-boo play dough because he would poke the small hearts far into the dough ball and then enjoyed searching for them!

 And of course Skyler had fun just smooshing it up with his hands!

I look forward to playing with this play dough a lot in the next few days or weeks. When we are finished with this batch, we will probably be just in time to make a beautiful green version for St. Patrick's Day!

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