Monday, March 10, 2014

Contact Paper Rainbow

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Skyler loves contact paper play! We have used the glass door in our dining room to hold our Christmas Tree with foam ornaments, and a heart for Valentine's Day with felt hearts. For St. Patrick's Day, Skyler has enjoyed playing with this rainbow version! I saw this glitter paint and had to have it for this activity (and another coming up soon)! I had so much fun putting this together for Skyler - he usually gets all of the fun ;)

To create our contact rainbow I traced out the rainbow shape on the removable paper side and then flipped it over to paint the colors on the non-stick side. I cut out a cloud with white paper and taped it to the non-stick side of some contact paper and put them both on the glass door. When Skyler woke up, I just had to remove the paper and we were ready to play!

To decorate the rainbow, I cut tissue paper squares and added a few cotton balls. For children that would want to stick the whole cotton ball on, you would definitely need more. In our ECFE class, they did a craft where the little one's rubbed cotton balls on contact paper, coating it with fluff. It takes a lot less to do it this way, and I knew that Skyler would use that method.

I didn't know if Skyler would put the tissue paper on the same colored area on the rainbow, but he did match the colors usually. I talked about the colors with him somewhat, but for the most part, I just sat back to watch him play and create.

Filling in the cloud after noticing the cotton balls!

After working on his rainbow for a long time, Skyler noticed some tissue paper floating in the air, and then the real fun began. Skyler ran around throwing huge clouds of tissue, smiling and laughing the entire time! I took a *few* pictures...

Rubbing a cotton ball on the rainbow and feeling the soft texture left behind.

 There were several accidental mouthfuls of tissue paper - Skyler's reaction every time was hysterical!

To easily store our tissue paper for next time, we just stuffed it all into a Ziploc bag and stuck it right onto the door! I know we will be playing with this rainbow frequently, so having the tissue easily accessible will be helpful.



  1. Love this one...Will be trying out tomorrow with my family daycare friends. I have a sliding glass door . It will be a fun group project. Happy Almost Spring

    1. Thank you, and happy almost spring to you as well! I hope that your daycare group enjoys it as much as my little one did!