Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Simple Bowling Game

Wow! I didn't think that after Emerson's arrival I would be taking such a long break. Being the single parent of a toddler (/preschooler) and newborn (/baby) is no joke, and while my boys make it as easy on me as possible, unfortunately I have not had time to create and blog as I would have liked! Even though I had many ideas, they just never ended up being written about, and although I would like to say that I have a bunch of stuff coming up soon, I'm not sure when I will be getting back to regular posting. I have been thinking about it more and more lately. I think the deployment has been a big part of my lack of motivation here, and it is very possible that Joe's homecoming will be just what I need to get back into it.

But...this bowling game! I am almost embarrassed to share, it is that simple. Skyler has absolutely loved this lately though! All you need to play is a chunky wood puzzle (we have done it with this Melissa & Doug Farm Wooden Chunky Puzzle, and also with the Melissa & Doug Vehicles Chunky Wooden Puzzle) with semi-smooth bottoms on the pieces and a ball (or ball and bat as Skyler preferred). A little hockey set would work to (We love this hockey stick and ball set!)

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We were playing in the living room during Emerson's nap one morning and as we were playing and talking I started to stand the puzzle pieces up. Skyler asked what I was doing and happened to have the ball and bat in his hands and voila! Our new favorite game was created. We have been playing frequently in our free time (not that we have had much of it lately, we are pretty much always out of the house! Soaking up as much of the sun as we can this summer.)

King of the bowling game!

And one more, because the tongue just makes me laugh! Every picture - tongue hanging out!

Depending on the puzzle you use (shapes, colors, etc.), you can easily make this more of a learning activity and not just a game by calling out "try to knock down the animal that says "moo" or "knock down the piece that is red." Or when several pieces come down, ask the child the question then. "Which animal sounds do those make?" or "What colors (shapes, animals) did you knock down?"

Little brother didn't get to play the bowling game, but we did have fun with blocks on the same day. He sure has changed a lot in the past seven months

We moved Emerson's crib into Skyler's room and they have been sleeping in the same room together since Sunday! First two days were not so good, but each day has gotten better! If I get it more organized/cute I may have to do another room post, since I love taking pictures of it (Like here, here, here, here, and here!) My favorite room in the house! We are taking up every single inch of our tiny space, but I just love our home.

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If you want more bowling fun, you can find our homemade bowling game here.