Monday, April 28, 2014

Homemade Duct Tape Drum

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I got an email last week from the teacher from our Kindermusik class asking us to make a drum with our kids. She sent several links to DIY drums, and I did a combination of this duct tape drum from fellow KBN mama blog Frugal Fun 4 Boys and this drum using an oatmeal container.

Skyler and I went to pick out some duct tape and these are the three that he chose. I originally showed him the bright chevron and a white, light blue, and navy chevron and he said "PINK ONE!!!" so pink it was, and he chose orange and green to accompany the fun chevron.

Just like the tutorial at Frugal Fun 4 Boys, I placed strips of duct tape around the opening hole of the container. I cut the duct tape in half and alternated colors until I had done about three layers of tape. Skyler picked bright tapes, so my goal was to make this as colorful and fun as possible :)

Once the top was done, I made the stripes along the outside of the container. Starting at the same spot so the seam ended at the same place, I did a stripe of chevron, one each of the orange and green, and another stripe of chevron at the bottom. That is one bright drum!

I didn't want Skyler's only part in the drum to be choosing the tape, so I cut up some pieces of the chevron tape and let him use the "stickers" on the drum. He had so much fun and kept asking for more stickers in between jam sessions with his drum!

He is drinking. I am pretty sure he is "drinkin' oahnge juice!" The boy loves orange juice.

Here is Skyler's finished drum!

But not quite finished, because I had to give the top a little monogram! I think the various tapes were used to their full potential ;)

Skyler had a lot of fun helping with this drum from choosing his own tape to decorating it, and definitely playing it! I know he will be proud to bring it to class tomorrow. We love making instruments at home, and I am excited we can add this drum to our collection!




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