Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

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My Skyler is a very lucky boy. We are both so lucky. My husband is such a phenomenal daddy.

Father's Day is hard because Joe is always gone. With his annual training he always misses Skyler's birthday, Father's Day, and our anniversary. We make it up when he gets home, but we miss him especially during these weeks. When he gets home, Skyler will open some extra birthday gifts, Joe will open his Father's Day presents, and we will go out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary, but I miss being able to tell him in person today how much I appreciate him and everything he does for our family. I make up for it the rest of the year though!

In the past week and a half, I have been nearly brought to tears when every night before bed, Skyler has chosen to read The Very Best Daddy of All by Marion Dane Bauer as one of his goodnight stories. I bought it for him on a whim several months ago, the day before Joe was leaving for a month training. It is a sweet story, and I think it helps Skyler when he is missing Joe. It must if he chooses it whenever his daddy is gone. Between the story and the countdown we make, we are able to cope, especially when we have to go days or weeks without speaking to Joe. 

One thing I do when we read the story is on the last two pages where the illustrations change from pairs of animal babies and daddies to people, I reach over and grab this picture of Joe and Skyler off his shelf. He holds it and looks at his daddy and when I am done reading we always talk about the picture. It makes it even more special. 

Skyler and Daddy in Laguna Beach, April 2013

Joe, today and every day, thank you for being the incredible dad and husband you are. I am so blessed to call you and Skyler my family. We love you more than we can say.

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