Sunday, November 9, 2014

Toddler Decorated Care Package

Thank you for stopping by! 

Care package two was successfully shipped and received! We found out that Joe got approved for leave and will be home for Thanksgiving before returning to his stateside training. I chose to do a Thanksgiving theme and had a lot of fun making this package.

I wanted to include Skyler in the decorating of the package as much as possible. We had a lot of fun making sticker turkeys, hand print turkeys, and a big feathered turkey to decorate the inside, flaps, and top of Joe's care package. Skyler loved feeling involved not only in making the care package, but helping me pick out the things that went inside of it. 

Similar to our last package, I mostly just sent snacks for Joe (with plenty to share!) since he didn't really need anything yet. I also included a letter, and on the morning I was going to send it, Joe asked me to send the arm band for his phone, so luckily I was able to send it to him that day!

My main goal with this care package was trying out mason jar pies. Joe's dad has a recipe he loves at Thanksgiving for sweet potato pecan pie. Following their recipe for the pie filling and modifying the cooking temp and time using a canned pie recipe I looked up, I ended up with three little pies that can be shipped safely because of the canning process! The recipe usually has the nuts on top, but I found a candied pecan recipe and sent them separately instead. Joe said they were amazing and I can't wait to try this method out for all sorts of baked goods!

I included tons of snacks and treats like jelly cranberries (Joe loves them - sticking with the Thanksgiving theme), almonds and trail mix, granola bars, chips and salsa, candy corn and M&M's, beef jerky, and flavored pretzels. We'll see if they can actually finish it all before Thanksgiving - I went a little overboard!

Skyler's favorite part was decorating this feathered turkey for Joe. Skyler put on the eyes, beak, and feet of the turkey on his own, colored the turkey a little bit and then we turned it over and added the feathers. I handed Skyler pieces of tape and we worked together to fill the back of the turkey. He talked about sending daddy that turkey for days and was excited to find out that Joe has it hanging by his bed.

The final product - so much fun to put together and send! Now time to prepare his next package :) 


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