Monday, January 27, 2014

Coffee Filter Bunting

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Happy Monday! We had such a wonderful weekend. I got pedicures and watched a movie with girlfriends while daddy and Skyler did science experiments at home (baking soda and vinegar reactions were a huge hit with baby boy!), Joe had another soccer game Saturday night that Skyler and I went to, and we went out for brunch on Sunday with my family. It was the perfect mix of relaxing and fun filled.

We are yet again trying to survive a cold wave in Minnesota. Our ECFE class has been cancelled two of three weeks, which has been such a bummer! Having time for Skyler to interact with other little one's is not the only reason we do ECFE classes. I am really missing my time to talk with the other parents in our class!

Since we didn't have class this morning, we did a ton of crafting! Skyler did some beginning steps for many crafts and activities that we are going to compete and play with this week, but this one we finished completely and it has been a joy to look at all day!

This coffee filter bunting was a blast to make and could not have been more simple. To create the bunting, all we needed was coffee filters and red food coloring. We don't always have coffee filters on hand because we do not need them for our coffee maker, but now that we have this package, it will last forever!

We used two different methods to dye our coffee filters. For some of them, Skyler painted the food coloring and water mixture on with a paint brush. 

I folded some of the coffee filters in quarters and Skyler dipped them into the water and food coloring - he especially loved dipping them! He could have dipped the entire package of coffee filters in the red dye!

All of our coffee filters were set on wax paper to dry (which does not take long at all).

During Skyler's nap, I put up the first of our bunting banners, the dipped ones! I hung a piece of string along our new shelf that has been decorated with our potato stamped, hand and feet print, and kiss canvases. To hold up the string, I used little white felt hearts. The quartered coffee filters just had to be hung over the string - so easy!

To do the rest of our bunting, We dipped heart shaped cookie cutters into red paint and created the shapes on our painted coffee filters. While mama painted hearts on the coffee filters, baby boy painted hearts onto paper! (I am seeing four leaf clovers in our future with this method and green food coloring and paint!)

I cut out the hearts, and taped them onto two pieces of string which were also attached to the shelf using the felt stickers!

I love the two different looks of bunting on the shelf, and it looks so festive! You can tell I like it a lot because I took two million pictures ;)

When Joe came home and saw our latest decoration, he said "How long did these take to make??" It was funny to hear because even though they were very quick and easy to create, they look wonderful! The entire project probably only took half an hour. The small felt stickers that attach the strings to the shelf add the perfect touch of sweetness.


  1. Love it. I found your blog through fun at home with kids. Love all your stuff.

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you found your way here - love Fun at Home with Kids!! :)