Thursday, January 2, 2014

Water Painting

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Without a doubt, the most simple activity I do with Skyler is water painting. It is an activity we do often and he always has fun. It is incredible that an activity with construction paper, a cup of water, and a paint brush can keep an 18 month old entertained for at least 20-30 minutes.

Be prepared to hear me talk quite a bit...sorry!

Painting the water on construction paper (and when the water begins to dry) creates varying degrees of darkness. Also, the construction paper can be reused once dry, as long as it does not tear during painting.

Because Skyler enjoys this activity so much, I got him two Melissa and Doug ColorBlast books (animals and vehicles) and he absolutely loves them! They are great because they are mess free and can be done anywhere. We have used ours at home, in the car, or out when we go to restaurants or to visit someone. It is similar to our simple water paint activity. Skyler paints with the water pen on the pad and the page fills with color, when it dries he can do it over again!

"Ooh! A car!"

Some of the most simple activities can be the most exciting! He loves to see the colors change (on the construction paper) or appear (with the ColorBlast books) and I love how easy they are, he can do them completely on his own, and all we need to use is a little bit of water, so if it spills or smears, there is no need to worry about a big mess! It is a great way to let him get comfortable with a paint brush, since inevitably he will paint on the table, his hands, and the cup of water will usually spill :)

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