Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rainy Day Drip Painting

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We had a very rainy day last week. My little one and I spent a lot of our morning looking out the window and talking about the rain. While he napped, I set up this simple "rain" painting activity, since he was showing so much interest in the weather we were experiencing.

I taped down a large piece of poster board, filled a plastic cup with some blue liquid watercolor and got an eye dropper to paint with. Skyler saw the set up as he was walking into the dining room for a snack, but snack was quickly put on hold to make some art! He was very curious in our poster board (the last time he saw that, we had a ton of fun making muddy tracks!) so I picked up the eye dropper and showed him two drops. He was hooked and ready to try it.

Sometimes Skyler would refill the eye dropper, but usually he would hand it to me for filling. It is still pretty hard for him to get any liquid into the eye dropper, and he likes to squeeze it immediately. It worked out well that I would fill and hand it to him at the poster board, where he could squeeze it right onto the paper!

Skyler enjoyed walking all around the paper to fill it in with rain drops!

Of course, there was a little mess. That is why we did it on our wood floor - it just took a quick mop to clean it up! That is the nice thing about using the liquid watercolor instead of food coloring. A lot more to use with the still concentrated color, and clean up is a cinch since it doesn't stain!!

After he had filled the paper, Skyler just wanted to sit and look at his creation. It was so sweet!

Since it was taped to the floor, I just picked it up and placed it on a wall to dry and to display his art! He loves to touch the rain spots and talk about the activity. He will say rain, blue, paint, drop, and other words to describe what he did.

The cutest photo bomb I have ever captured :)

Such a simple activity with few materials, but so fun to create with! I loved how Skyler knew that he was making art like the rain we watched outside all morning, because it was something he had just been experiencing.

As Skyler was painting, the rain turned to huge fluffy snow flakes, so we quickly bundled up to watch the snow fall from outside, and to splash in all of the puddles that the rain left!



  1. Super idea, great fun, we're going to try this!

    1. Thank you, Ciara! I hope you and your two little one's enjoy!!

  2. Super fun idea! Love it! Featuring you in a round up post next week!

    1. Thank you, Sara! I am glad you like it and can't wait to see your roundup post!

  3. This sounds like a fun idea!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Alyssa! It was a lot of fun and something Skyler wants to do often :)