Friday, August 29, 2014

Big Boy Bed

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I just tucked (and so far once re-tucked) my baby into his "big boy bed" for the first time. Of all the big changes that have happened since Skyler grew into the toddler stage, this one stung harder than most! I think it has been a challenging move, for me especially, because he was still sleeping so great in the crib. But, with baby brother arriving in just over three months, I want Skyler to feel like he has his own space and that the baby isn't going to be suddenly taking over his old bed. 

We have been talking about Skyler's new bed for weeks. He knew when daddy got home from a work trip that we were going to go get his bed and set it up, so he has been very excited. I didn't show him the bedding ahead of time because I wanted it to be a surprise, but we have made a big enough deal about the bed that he knew it was a fun change!

Excited boy watching daddy set up his old crib in our room!
Last night, we took apart the crib in Skyler's room and set it back up in our room, where the baby will be until he is sleeping through the night. Then back into big brother's room the crib will go, and a shared room it will become (at least until we move to a bigger home, or longer if they like their shared bedroom sleeping arrangement). For the "before" pictures of our rooms, check out this post and this post.

Skyler "sleeping" in his old bed! The crib will eventually move against
the other wall and will be decorated as a small nursery nook.

After Skyler went to bed in the new crib zone, we got to work setting up his new twin bed with super special vehicle bedding. I thought about staying with the colors/theme of his current room, but knew that my little guy, who loves anything that moves, would flip over this great bedding.

I thought it was pretty gross that I could still see the slats after the crib was moved,
and quickly washed the walls. Toddlers are so dirty ;)

This morning, the first thing we did was go see the new bed, and Skyler was so happy. He excitedly crawled up onto his bed and touched all the vehicles, exclaiming each new find with a big "Oh!!" His current faves are the tractors and cement mixers. It was the sweetest thing to see! We are still waiting on the side rail after a very delayed cancelled order (which almost made me want to wait the week until we can get it from the new store) and I am planning on decorating the high headboard, but for now, I am just happy to have my very excited toddler in his new big boy space. The toy bins that were at the foot of his crib are now to the side of the headboard, and the toy car storage I made still fit perfectly under his new bed!

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Next up will be moving the crib to the other wall in our room, and starting to decorate the small space that will be shared with baby E in just a few months!

And in other exciting news, I think Skyler is asleep! Woo!! Now hopefully we will be able to get through midday nap tomorrow!


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