Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Getting Ready

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Last night, hubby and I started a movie on Netflix and got to work organizing Skyler's summer clothing into bins to make room for his new fall/winter clothing. We weren't just adding to the bins, but we also took out some of the older bags that I last organized about a year ago - out came the newborn clothes, sleep sacks, 0-3 month clothing, and itty bitty socks and hats in preparation for our little one's arrival!!

Eeek!! It was so fun to pull out these tiny clothes again!!

I have been itching to not only prepare Skyler's closet for his new clothing, but to see how much we are going to need to get for the new baby. With Skyler's birthday in June and baby E's ETA in December, we are complete opposite seasons for clothing. Luckily, we have a lot that will work, but I am excited that I get to buy this baby some new clothing of his own as well!! 

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When I started organizing Skyler's clothing, I got rid of nothing and I am especially glad now that I even saved things he never wore because we might need them this time around. When we started accumulating baby clothes that Skyler was growing out of, I bought two massive bins from the Container Store and a pack of vacuum seal bags

I usually just toss the stuff he grows out of into a box in his closet and when it begins to overflow I go through and sort the clothes into similar sizes (I combine seasons, his 12 month bag has fleece Santa pajamas and summer shorts, but I just wanted to focus on size), fold them and stuff them into a bag along with a post it with the size(s) written on it. I also do separate bags for things like socks, hats, and mittens, and I have a separate bag for all of the handmade sweaters we get since they are harder to size.

This is the kind of thing I love to do, and it makes the upcoming arrival of baby #2 feel so so real!


  1. Eeeek, how fun! I also organize my sons clothes in bins by size. But I have never tried to vacuum pack anything. I probably should because those bins are starting to take over my attic!!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Emma! It was so fun!! The vacuum bags are so great. I didn't use them until the bins were getting stuffed on their own, but it is amazing how much more you can fit when using the bags!!