Sunday, December 29, 2013

Post-Christmas Organization

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Up until this point, after holidays where Skyler receives gifts (birthdays and Christmas especially) we have been able to keep all of his toys out, whether they be stand alone items like activity tables and walkers, or by adding them into themed bins (books, puppets, blocks, musical instruments). After last Christmas, though, there is just not enough room available to put out all of his new toys. I have been meaning to finish organizing his closet and have wanted to rotate his toys for awhile, so this was the time to do it!

This is where I am starting with Skyler's room, and shows the toys that will be rotated and re-organized.

I love Skyler's room and we spend a lot of time there. It will be nice to change out his toys, though. He has been playing with many of the current toys since he was born!

Well...then there is the elephant in the room, Skyler's closet. It is small, awkward, and goes through many cycles of organized and then completely unorganized.

I made the pictures small on purpose. I can hardly look at this closet! It has helped a lot since getting the 2x4 Expedit shelf from Ikea a few months ago. The first thing I did was take the outgrown/out of season clothes that I had tossed up on the shelf and a random assortment of gift bags down.

I folded the clothes and added them to a big plastic bin (one of two) of outgrown clothes that I organize by size and have sealed in vacuum packed bags. 

I purchased a skinny bin for under our couch and put the gift bags from the closet, and some other wrapping materials inside and out of view.

Tonight I went through the bins in the cubby holes and got rid of anything we didn't need. I also went through the clothes hangers and got rid of any store hangers, keeping the purchased hangers instead. I took out the swing that has been in there for far too long, and I started sorting materials into the four plastic bins I purchased (will definitely be needing some more of those). So far I have a bin for sensory materials, art materials, holiday books, and manipulative toys, blocks, and puzzles. In just one day, I am pretty happy with the improvement. (Note to self, wait until day time for the final pictures, the lighting in the closet is horrible!!)

There is still a lot of work to be done in the closet, especially when I start to rotate out the toys from the shelves in his room and from the living room.

I am hoping within the next week or two to have all of the new toys on the shelves, the old ones put away, and the entire room and closet completed.

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