Monday, December 23, 2013

Handmade Ornaments

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As a kid, my favorite thing to open on Christmas morning was my ornament. Even still, ornaments are one of my favorite things to get. They are so special and capture special moments in time. I love to look back on the ornaments I have received, and being able to put them on my own tree this year was a lot of fun (the very very non-breakable ones!)

Last year for Skyler, I bought him an ornament (or two...whoops) and we made an ornament. I wanted to recreate that this year and have both a gift and handmade ornaments.

Last year, we got him this hand painted ornament and this hand stamped leaf 

And we made a simple salt dough hand print ornament for his first Christmas. 

This year, my baby boy is obsessed with anything vehicle related. We read books, play with, and watch out the window for anything that moves! So, for his second Christmas, I bought him a sweet train ornament and had it personalized. We got it from the General Store of Minnetonka.

I saw these Tissue Paper Mosaic Ornaments from Happy Hooligans, and knew Skyler would love to make them! We followed all the steps from the link, except we decorated whimsical trees instead of circles.

Skyler did really well with layering the tissue paper, but it was still a team effort. I helped him by using glue stick as he went along with the paper. He tried to paint on the glue, but it was pretty tough, so I ended up painting a coat of glitter glue on after he was done playing with the sticky fun!

These are our finished trees. They will get a hole punch and some ribbon, and be up on our tree by Christmas. We were going to make some for Skyler's cousins, but these two took awhile. We are going to bring our extra trees, tissue paper, and glitter glue along Christmas Day so the three cousins can have craft time together.

They make beautiful sun catchers

And are incredibly sparkly!

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