Monday, February 24, 2014

A Cousin Date

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We had a wonderful trip to the Minnesota Zoo yesterday with Skyler's cousins, Bella and Reese (or "Behya and Weese" which I hear almost all day every day - usually followed by "hug!") I think all of us had been looking forward to our date and it was well worth the wait. We haven't seen my sister or her girls since Christmas and with crazy schedules and sickness getting in the way, we finally found a day that worked for all of us!

Before we even made it to the zoo, we met to carpool, loading the girls boosters into the back of our car. At first Skyler was just kind of confused about what was going on, but after we settled down and started driving to the zoo, anytime I would look in the rear view mirror, I saw my baby watching his cousins (all three of them were so giddy at this point!) with a massive smile plastered on his face. I will never forget how happy he looked, just drinking them in.

We spent a great amount of time watching the snow monkeys!

This post is basically the Minnesota Zoo based on the backside of Skyler and my nieces walking around and looking at the animals. I just could not get over how sweet the three of them were together, and since one or both of the little ladies always had a hand on my boy, I had free hands to take pictures which rarely happens in a busy place. As we walked around I tried to snap just a few pictures and then would sit back and enjoy watching these three favorite little people of mine. I needed the mama time as well - it was so great to catch up with my sister (the extra time to chat during the drive was great too - It was so strange to have an adult to talk to in the car!)

 Each of the girls had their own time with Skyler, which I know they appreciated.

I have so many pictures like this, their way of travel the entire trip. I just love it.

I still feel like my oldest niece should be teeny tiny, and when I think about her being in grade school I just cannot believe it. Both of the girls, but especially the older sister, want to hold Skyler all the time. He will always be the baby (at least until another comes along, and no, that is not a pregnancy announcement), and it is so sweet. I think they would have been happy if he had never started walking. They dote on him, helping him at the first sign of struggle, helping to feed him, making sure he is always happy and smiling (a hilarious round of tickle took place during lunch which had heads turning from the entire cafeteria!) Seeing Skyler interact with his only cousins, these beautiful girls I remember so vividly at Skyler's age, just fills me with joy. It makes me want to bottle up my toddler and keep him at this stage forever and, at the same time, so eager to see what he will be like at their ages.

Back to back Skyler, because there are not many things cuter than a toddler in overalls. I swoon!

Cousin Bella mimicking the monkeys, which Skyler found amusing!

I have very similar pictures from December. Skyler loves the aquarium.
Auntie got snuggles in too.
Probably should have taken our group picture at the beginning of our trip ;)
Surprisingly, my sleepy babe held out until we made it home!

What a perfect way to spend our day! Skyler and I sure love these ladies and, as I have said before, weekends without Joe are the most challenging. With another fun-filled weekend behind us, we are that much closer to having him home!

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