Friday, February 14, 2014

Celebrating My Little Love

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Happy Valentines Day! Before I had Skyler, I didn't care much for Valentine's Day. Joe and I always celebrated in some way, going out for dinner or making a nice dinner, but I never really liked focusing one day on showing those close to you that you love them.

Our finished Valentine shelf got some pretty fresh flowers
and that cute heart is framing Skyler's little feet from last year!

Since Skyler was born, I feel a little different about it. Obviously, I shower him with my love every single day, but I have enjoyed doing crafts and activities with him focused on love and covered in hearts. I enjoy making Valentine's for Skyler to give his grandparents, teachers, little friends, and for their parents that I have grown close to, to show them all how much we love and appreciate them. I just feel differently about a day dedicated to love. Especially this year, with Joe gone, I want to spend the day doing special things with my son.

To start off our day with loved ones, we are having a breakfast date with some of Skyler's little buddies and their amazing mamas! I can't wait :)

I hope you have a beautiful day with the ones you love, today and every day.

The crafts that we created for our Valentine themed shelf can be found here:
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Valentine Prints Canvas
Valentine Kisses Canvas
Coffee Filter Bunting
Owl Always Love You Craft

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