Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Redo

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Last month, Skyler and I made this Valentine Kiss canvas. I had planned on giving a similar version to his teachers and grandparents as Valentine cards. When we painted the hand print on his canvas, we made more for our Valentine's.

I really like our canvas, but thought it was quite big to give as a Valentine. Also, not going to lie, the more I looked at it, the more I thought it looked like a bloody hand print...I said as much to my parents and Joe and they said "You shouldn't have said anything, I never would have thought that until now!" But, it couldn't be unseen. I still like our canvas and didn't change it, because I know it is supposed to be a kiss, but I didn't want any of his teachers to have the same thought I had! :)

To make a smaller version of this Valentine without having to put a huge painted hand print covering his entire face, this is what I came up with. 

I started by using a glue stick along the top and sides of his picture (much smaller now). I left the bottom of the picture open. 

I cut out the pictures and then made the hand prints. Skyler and I traced his hand and I used the traced hand on the back of the same scrapbook paper. Instead of tracing his hands exactly, I drew them a little bigger so I could easy cut them out without having any pencil showing. Skyler's fingers are not quite so sausage-like! :)

Then I glued along the bottom of the cut out hand and slid it under his picture, pressing down to stick it to the back of Skyler's picture.

When the paper is folded at the wrist, it covers Skyler's face and then when you open it up, it looks like he is blowing a kiss!

I wrote little messages to Skyler's teachers and grandparents on the inside of the hand print and our Valentine's were complete! Each of his teachers will get a little box of chocolate as well.

I feel much happier giving these Valentine's away! It worked out perfect - they are smaller but still have his hand the correct size, it looks more like Skyler is blowing a kiss because the hand moves, and the coordinating scrapbook paper used as backing and the hand print looks cute and left a nice space to write little messages. These were a win all around.

For Skyler's little friends, we did a milk and cookies Valentine. I used a photo editor and some cute fonts, and then bought these edible treats that are still a healthier option than candy. The older kids that we know are getting a bag of little chocolate chip cookies in place of the toddler cookie.

I love seeing all of our Valentine's together. I feel so blessed that even as a full time mama, Skyler is able to meet so many friends through our various play groups, classes, and the children at my mom's daycare. I am looking forward to showing our friends, teachers, and family how much we love and appreciate them and watching Skyler give the cookies to his friends (if he doesn't want to keep them all for himself - that could be what happens as well!)

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