Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Homemade Bowling Game

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While cleaning out a closet awhile back, I saw this bag of empty smoothie containers. I started trying to think of a good use for them. I counted six and the first idea that came into my head was a bowling game for Skyler. He has played with the cute animal versions at various classes we have been at, and was very intrigued by them. I knew he would have a blast.

This could not have been more simple to set up. I forgot to grab the tape before I left Skyler's room at nap time, so I quickly decorated the bottles after he woke up, right at the changing table. He patiently waited for me to finish and we talked about the colors of tape and what I was making. I got creative with the two stripes of red at the top of traditional bowling bins, by putting two stripes of pretty tape across each bottle.

When I finished them, I set them up in a triangle shape for Skyler, threw a ball to show him how the game worked, and he was ready to play!! Skyler was actually going SO fast that I could hardly get a picture of him. He had just as much fun with this homemade game as I thought he would. 

I tried to show Skyler how to throw the ball from far back, but his favorite way was to go right up to our homemade pins and throw the balls from above. He also enjoyed setting up the pins on his own! Skyler happily played with his bowling set all afternoon.

Most of my pictures are of a very blurry toddler :)

Some other fun ways to play with our homemade bowling pins... with a bulldozer...


...and making ice cream cones ;)

Looks familiar...that's my boy!

Of course, according to Skyler, the best way to bowl is pantless!

It was a pretty chilly day, but I am looking forward to trying our homemade bowling game outside. A very simple activity using recycled materials, that provides hours of entertainment with a toddler - such a win! Give these fun homemade bowling pins a try.


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