Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

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We had a busy and fun weekend. Saturday my husband went for a long run, and instead of turning around at his halfway point, he ran to Lake Harriet, our favorite place to walk, where Skyler and I met him. We got our first cold press coffee of the year from their food stand, Bread and Pickle, and walked around, then we went to Sebastian Joe's for ice cream before heading out to dinner. It was a fun afternoon with my boys.

Yesterday for Mother's Day, we had a very low-key, food focused day :) I meant to post these last night, but ended up falling asleep while reading right after putting Skyler to bed! The busy weekend caught up to me. Here are some pictures of our day.

 Skyler painted some egg carton flowers earlier this week to make these beautiful spring wreaths.

We also made some simple hand print flower cards for my mom, step mom, mother-in-law, and grandmothers. Skyler loves making hand prints. We could have made one for every mother we know. 

My boys and I went to brunch at our newest favorite place, The Happy Gnome. My hubby and I went for date night there several weeks ago and had the best meal! 

I gave Skyler a small bowl of oatmeal and yogurt at his typical breakfast time, but he was so ready to eat some french toast! We were talking about it in the morning, so when the table next to us got their food he turned around and talked to them until our food came! "People eating! Eating potatoes? I eat french toast!" It was so cute, luckily the mom and daughter didn't mind his brunch conversation :)

Skyler happily ate an entire piece of french toast, eggs, potatoes, and bacon when our food came soon after! Such a special treat. I have the greatest picture of my husbands face after trying his first bite of pork belly hash, but he won't let me post it. Let's just say he REALLY liked his meal. We all had a very happy belly.

We went for a short walk after and went to look at a new camera, my gift from my sweet guy. No luck finding one I liked, but I am so excited to get a new one! Skyler happily played with the train set at the store while I snapped pictures of him with the cameras I tried out.

While Skyler napped, Joe cleaned the inside of my car!! It is one job I despise and I can never get it as clean as I like. When my husband does this dreaded chore, it always looks perfect. Plus, I got a picture with his cheesiest smile :)

We went out for dinner with my in-laws where Skyler was a very busy boy. This wall of colorful tile kept him entertained for a long time! He talked about the colors and textures. 

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the mama's out there and our thoughts go out to those missing loved ones on this day. Thank you to all of the mother's in my life that help me be a better mom every day. I am so blessed to have such incredible influences in my life.

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