Friday, May 30, 2014

Parks, Walks, and Outdoor Time!

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Wow - this week has gone by so quickly! With my husband working a later shift and some beautiful Minnesota weather (finally!) we have spent most of our time out and about. It has been so wonderful to take advantage of the warm and sunny days, we will leave in the morning, stop back home for nap, and then head back out when Skyler wakes up. It has, unfortunately, not left much time for crafting or activities at home, but with rain in the forecast next week, I am sure we will be doing more of that! Here are some pictures from a few of our favorite outdoorsy things this week.

Monday rained off and on, so we braved some sprinkles and checked out a new-to-us park that is near our house. We have gone to the little bucket swings on the other side of the beach, but this was our first time at the big playground, and we had it all to ourselves!

We were given this small basketball hoop from a high school friend after I posted a video of Skyler enjoying a similar one at our ECFE class. He has been obsessed! He wants to "play basketball hoop" all the time. So fun!!

We spent a morning at Lake Harriet to walk and play at the park. I would go there every day for a walk and iced coffee if it wasn't such a drive from our house. Skyler especially loves the airplanes that are always flying over the lake. I have been worried that we wouldn't really get to go for long stroller walks now that Skyler is walking, but he is so happy watching for dogs and looking at the boats, ducks, or any sort of cool vehicle that goes by!

Yesterday we went to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum for a picnic lunch and to check out their butterfly exhibit. It was so much fun! Skyler was very careful around the butterflies and gentle when we had them on our fingers. He talked about it for the rest of the day. 

Last week, Skyler started smiling if I say "show me your teeth" which used to work on him months ago. I am pretty excited about it - look at that face!!

Fedora family - Skyler insisted on wearing his after mama and daddy grabbed theirs :)

These spring and summer months in Minnesota are completely worth putting up with winter! There are so many trails, parks, lakes, and activities to fill our time with. I am very much looking forward to more bike rides and splash pads in the near future!

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