Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wine and Canvas

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Between this fun event that I did with two of my friends last week and date night on Friday/Joe's race on Saturday morning I feel that I have taken more "me" time than I have since Skyler was born. It has been fun to get out more and I always feel like a better mom when I take some time to do things I enjoy outside of parenting. It also helps when most of the time spent away is when Skyler is sleeping - I don't miss out on too much :)

Last week on Monday I went with two of my best friends to a wine and canvas event. Have you ever done one of these? You basically pay for the blank canvas, paint, and a teacher to walk you through the steps and in a few hours you have a finished canvas painting, all ready to hang up (or gift to someone). The wine part of wine and canvas costs extra, but our event was held at Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis, so part of the fun was getting dinner and drinks before the painting began, and then moseying down the hall with our drinks in hand when the event began.

I met these two lovely ladies when I was a kid. Both were in my mom's in-home daycare, and we have been friends ever since! Here is a picture of us from last Monday, and one from about twenty years earlier! Check out my 101 Dalmatians jammies - this picture is so 90's :)

Both of my friends had done Wine and Canvas before, and this was my first time. I loved the painting we did, but it was one of the more complicated paintings they do and it was definitely a challenge - the shading in the background, the bench, the thickness of the streetlights, and don't even get us started on the shadows - oh my :) These paintings were quite the emotional roller coaster (so much stress!!), but we had such a great time. I would have painted anything - I just loved the time spent with these two! I didn't take any of these pictures, they are all from my friends phones or the photos taken by the Wine and Canvas staff. Isn't it crazy how big our whole group was? It was a packed room.

It was a great evening and I know Joe and Skyler had a lot of fun too! The next morning Skyler kept asking me for "bues" because him and daddy spent a lot of time listening to blues music :)

If there is a Wine and Canvas in your area, or another similar painting party company (I've also heard of Margarita and Canvas, or Cookies and Canvas for kids!, I would highly recommend it! I didn't love my painting as I was doing it, but I am happy to have the final product at home (Skyler likes it too!) and it is a great reminder of a fun night with friends!

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