Thursday, March 6, 2014

Coffee Filter Clovers

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These fun coffee filter clovers have been on my mind since before Valentine's Day! When we made our Valentine bunting with coffee filters and I used our heart cookie cutter to stamp the filters with red paint, all I could see was a future St. Patrick's Day decoration, done with green, of course. 

To make this craft a little bit different, we used a new method for dyeing our filters. This was Skyler's first attempt at using an eye dropper and he loved it! Before we started with the colored water, we practiced squeezing the droppers. Then, Skyler got to add the green food coloring to our water (SO much fun! I think he used half of the bottle!) and then he stirred it up using the squeezable part of the eye dropper. 

He wasn't interested in dyeing the filters with the dropper at first, so we did several with a paint brush, as we did with our Valentine bunting (along with dipping which we did not do this time). After awhile I picked up the dropper again and got some colored water and squeezed it onto the filter - then of course he wanted to try!

Using the eye dropper was a lot of fun, and Skyler did so well covering the filters with this method! I wasn't quite sure if he was ready to do this, and I did help him by getting the water into the dropper most of the time, though he did it too. He wanted to squeeze it so quickly that he got impatient with sucking the water up. Though with a little more practice I know he will not need any help!

Using the eye dropper was such a hit with my little one that he ended up with seventeen beautiful green tinted coffee filters! They looked amazing after the dried, with different shades of green and bits and pieces of blue and yellow coming through, Also, the number was fitting since St. Patrick's Day is on the seventeenth of this month. 

Similar to our Valentine version, the next step was to stamp our filters with the heart cookie cutter! Skyler and I did most of them together, and he had a lot of fun stamping the extra paint onto foam.

After our stamped filters dried, I cut around the hearts and our coffee filter clovers were ready to be displayed around the house. Many of them were placed on or around the shelf in our living room.

The other six replaced our yarn painted sun catchers on the bay window.

These simple St. Patrick's Day were so fun and easy to make and provided a festive decoration for the entire room! I am excited to do more eye dropper projects with Skyler in the near future. 


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