Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Shamrock Prints for Toddlers

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I am Irish, not very Irish, but a little bit. Joe is not Irish, so Skyler is just an eensy-weensy bit Irish. While we don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day, I didn't want Skyler to miss out on all fun things green, shamrock, and rainbowed. 

We had some extra canvases from the trio we made for Valentine's Day, so we replaced them with two different shamrock printed versions. We used carrots and toilet paper rolls to make our prints. I was going to cut a shamrock shape into one carrot, similar to the potato prints we made, but I decided to tape three carrots together instead. 

 I loved watching him make the print and then lean in as he lifted the carrots to see what he made!

I just cut the carrots until the three had a round that matched the size of the others. I cut as straight as I could, but they didn't match up perfectly, so I showed Skyler how to rock the carrots around to make a full print.He made several carrot prints and then did some finger painting. I held one finger and said "one, two, three" as I made three small dots with his fingers, and then he copied it, creating some sweet little shamrocks! They are my favorite part of the canvas!

Making tiny finger print shamrocks and counting "one, two, three!"

I have seen the toilet paper roll shapes made by squeezing in the sides, but knew that if I tried to make it into the "correct shape," Skyler would probably squish it accidentally, so we put three together. It was good fine motor practice for Skyler. I showed him how to pinch at the top of the rolls with his thumb in one roll, and his pointer and middle finger in another. 

These shamrock prints were a lot of fun to make and very toddler friendly! It was so cute to hear Skyler while he made the different prints "Green, circle, paint" were some of the words I heard. We counted the shapes a lot, and he would point to the three circles on one print and count along. I added some stems to the full prints and our cute St. Patrick's decorations were complete! 



  1. clever! I'm always looking for more uses for the cardboard rolls.

    1. Thank you, Tiffiny! I love being able to recycle household items when crafting! There are a couple more posts coming up in the next few weeks using toilet paper and paper towel rolls in other ways.