Sunday, March 16, 2014

On Family Weekends and Slime

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It has been a full and fun weekend with daddy home and the welcome, almost-springlike weather allowing us to be outside every day! We have been spending every minute possible walking and playing at our favorite outdoor places

On Friday we had a walk planned with a friend, but the sky was looking iffy so we went to the mall nearby to do some laps. The little friends had fun running around the mall which was empty since the stores has not yet opened - perfect for toddlers! In the afternoon, Skyler and I headed to my dad and step mom's (with a seemingly endless amount of vehicle toys to play with and an awesome bearded dragon to observe). My hubby picked me up from their house when he got off work and we had a date night, leaving Skyler on his first overnight (with us staying at home)!

Minneapolis/St. Paul locals or anyone checking out the area, if you have never been to The Happy Gnome you have got to try it!! We had the best meal (maybe ever) and after dinner were very pleasantly surprised by a coffee shop called Nina's Coffee Cafe that we just ended up walking by. We camped out there are awhile, trying to find live music or a movie but did not find anything of interest so ended up home before 11:00 - we must be getting old ;)

I was coveting the owl paintings leading up the staircase to the tiny upstairs nook we took over!

Joe signed up for a 5K near our house Saturday morning, so we were up early to get him checked in, then we walked down the street to our favorite bakery and took our goodies down the street the other way to one of our favorite coffee shops :) We spent an hour or so there before he had his race and then I got to hang out and read my book while he ran (and not even one chapter into my book I saw him cross the finish line). It was so strange waking up and leaving the house within fifteen minutes, not changing Skyler's diaper and clothes, or having to feed the little one before rushing out the door (always late, I turned into a perpetually late person when I became a mama!)

 In the mason jar is this chia pudding topped with strawberries - my new favorite breakfast (I vary the toppings)!

I was so excited to pick up our baby boy! It is always so wonderful to see him even after a short time away. We went right home for him to nap and then had fun with a new activity in the afternoon. We made some sparkly green slime!

We used this recipe from Blog Me Mom for one ingredient slime.

At first, Skyler just wanted to observe, and I could tell he didn't want to touch the slime, so I grabbed a rubber scraper for him to use and then he was a very happy boy! He spent at least twenty minutes stirring his slime, and never ended up touching it with his hands. 

 Skyler kept trying to find different ways to stir the slime and loved to "spin" the scraper to play (far right)

Checking it out up close!

Skyler asked to play with the play dough for awhile, so that is what we did! He proudly said to me "press!" as he filled his clover, and he got creative with the beads daddy got at the race, using them to make imprints on his play dough. After the play dough, he also wanted to play with our color toss game and vehicle sensory bin (a very blog-activity centered day)! I love when he asks to play with the materials I make for him :)

 Wearing his necklace and then using it as a "belt!!" :)

We attempted our first lake walk this morning at Lake Harriet, my very favorite place to go for walks! It was pretty chilly, but we saw a ton of dogs and many close airplanes, and Skyler told me the color of every car driving by - with all of the exciting things to see he was a pretty happy guy considering how cold we were by the end!

We warmed up with coffee and snacks at one of our favorite bakeries, Rustica. Joe will probably not love that I am putting up these pictures, but I thought it was so hilarious how similar my two guys looked while sharing a pastry :)

We do not normally go out to eat and get coffee every day, but with our first weekend as a family in so long, it was definitely a great way to celebrate! I hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful week ahead!


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