Friday, January 31, 2014

A Big First

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Tonight we are having our first babysitter for Skyler. Having three sets of grandparents living nearby, we always have someone to watch Skyler when we take time away (which is pretty rare anyways), but tonight we are branching out.

I started babysitting when I was eleven. My mom runs an in-home daycare center and I have babysat for many of her families. One family, my M+M, I started watching way back in 2005.  

Skyler and the ladies (or as we say M+M(+)'S now) at the MN Zoo this summer.
All these years later, my little ladies are all grown up and now they are watching our baby (funny story: one time in high school, Joe and I took both of them to the grocery store, little M in the cart and big M walking alongside, and got a very mean look from an older woman who apparently thought we were twelve when we began procreating)! The older M is thirteen now, has taken babysitting classes, and I know has been wanting to watch Skyler. Even though we do not necessarily need a babysitter with our parents close by, I am so excited.

M+M(+)'S at the apple orchard this fall.
This family is like my own and I know those two ladies love my boy almost as much as I do. The little M is coming along to play and keep her sister entertained after baby boy goes to sleep, and I know he is going to be thrilled to see them both. 

Skyler has spent a lot of time with these two. We always try to go to my mom's house when they are there on non-school days and this fall we spent a few days at their house when their parents were on a trip. Skyler adores them both. 

Skyler and big M at their house this fall.
We are so appreciative of the family and friends we have, and how much love Skyler has in his life. With Joe having an upcoming Army training away from home, missing both his birthday and Valentine's Day, we thought we would take the opportunity to go out for dinner (and maybe even run some errands with no little one - what?!? So exciting!) 

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