Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yarn Painted Sun Catcher

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Our windows were looking pretty bare after taking down our Christmas wreaths. Skyler and I had a fun afternoon making their replacement. We used a different technique to paint some contact paper and then I framed then to make an early Valentine decoration. The result was these beautiful sun catchers.

I taped contact paper onto Skyler's high chair, leaving the paper on the sticky side. Skyler used red paint and pieces of yarn to paint the non-stick side of contact paper.

At first he was hesitant (but very interested) with using this new painting tool.

He got more comfortable as he went.

And then it was time to take off the cute shirt :)

He was completely entranced as the yarn made lines of red all over his tray. It was an effective way to fill the entire piece of contact paper, and using the yarn was a fun new way to explore painting!

Once the paint was dry, I cut and framed the contact paper into hearts. An early Valentine decoration that we will be able to admire for at least the next month! I purchased some felt doily hearts to frame the sun catchers, cutting out the center to show off Skyler's painting.

I used spray adhesive to stick the felt frame to the non-stick side of contact paper (the same side Skyler painted on!)

 I let the felt dry to the paper, and then cut out the hearts. 

Then it was time to remove the paper off the sticky side and put them on our window!

I love how these look on our window and am very happy that we did these early. It will be a great Valentine decoration that we can keep up for at least the next month!!


  1. What a great idea. You could do a lot of variations using the same or similar materials. Thanks!