Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fine Motor Feather Play

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I have been on a mission to re-purpose our egg cartons. We started with decorating individual carton segments as scoops for our Valentine sensory bin. For our second activity using the clear egg carton segments, we made these fun fine motor birds.

At first I was going to make these as individual pieces, but after seeing the size of the cups we decorated, I decided to make this one a set of four carton segments together, two by two. Skyler starting this project by coloring each of the four cups a different color. 

The paints we used worked really well for coating the plastic, except for the green. We had to use finger paint for that (instead of acrylic for the other three) and it didn't cover as well, and after drying it has flaked off a bit.

After it dried, I used some super glue to adhere it to a piece of orange foam. 

We were going to rip up pieces of tissue paper to fill in the cups, but when I glued the carton to the foam, the center went down farther, leaving a gap around the outside. It would have looked nice more filled in with the paper, but this still looked cute!

I cut the piece of foam, creating little feet for our birds, and then added beaks with extra foam, and some google eyes. To create holes for Skyler to push the feathers through, I used a small nail and pushed it gently until it went through the plastic. I made three holes on the top for each color.

We were ready to play and learn with this fine motor activity!

Skyler really enjoys this activity. He carefully filled in all of the holes with feathers, then would take them out, and refill all the spaces! This is a great activity for him to do while I finish things up in the kitchen. This morning we made pancakes together and then he played with the feathered birds while they finished cooking, he also played with them while I cleaned up after breakfast! It keeps Skyler happily entertained and we have fun talking about the colors of the feathers as he plays.

When all of the holes are filled with feathers, our birds look so adorable!

Skyler proudly showed me his finished birds, or as he says "tweet tweet!"

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