Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bedroom Progress

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The progress on Skyler's room has been great in the past few days. On Monday, I put him down for a nap and grabbed everything (seriously...everything!) out of his room before I left. I put it all in my room and began organizing and rotating the toys. I put his rug on my bed and took pictures of what would be going in the bins on his shelf and also of the things going into storage bins in his closet.

Skyler's room with bare shelves! Everything missing from the shelves, all the toys to be rotated in, many things from the living room, and his rug were all crammed in our bedroom for organization.

I organized Skyler's toys by categories. These are the pictures I took just for the music bins. The first two are pictures of the toys to go on his shelf, and the other two are the musical instruments that are going in a storage bin in his closet for now.

These pictures will be printed with labels (Joe got me a label maker for Christmas - woo!) for the bins and for the shelf where the bin goes. This will help Skyler, or someone unfamiliar with his room and wondering where things go, pick up the toys when they are scattered throughout his room.

These are the toys that Skyler received, needing to find a home in his room/in the house. The tool bench, bigger soccer ball, drum, art materials, and two of the books were parent gifts, and the others were from family and friends. I am always overwhelmed by the generosity of our family and friends when I see the gifts Skyler receives. He is a very blessed little boy. 

Alright Mama, time to play with my new toys.  

Right away, the car puppet was added to his puppet bin and the two soccer balls to the Radio Flyer walker wagon in the living room that holds all of his ball toys (also a great gate holder when baby is sleeping!)

By the end of his nap, I had everything sorted to go onto his shelves, into his closet, or out in the living room. I also changed out the books in the bin in the living room and shelves in his room. As I finished taking pictures of the toys, and sorted them into their designated bin, I put them in front of Skyler's door, They were all ready to go when he woke up. 

These are the before and after pictures. While they look very similar, almost all of the toys are either new, or put in a different location.

His stuffed animals are now all in one bin on the third shelf up. The Easter basket on the second shelf holds animal sensory blocks, and to the right there are musical instruments, a rolling ball tower, and puzzles. The cubby on the bottom right has activity scarves and buckets, then to the left there are interactive toys, Lego blocks, and car toys.

The only toys that were on the shelf before were the animal blocks (in an over-stuffed bin so he hardly noticed them), the puzzles, and the activity scarves. The buckets and the rolling ball tower used to be next to his dresser, but now the rolling puppy backpack sits there. It has been fun watching Skyler play in his room the last two days, he is definitely happy with the change. Plus, I love how much less crowded everything is, with only a couple of toys on each shelf instead of a bin packed full.

Along with the soccer balls in the living room, I changed out some of the toys on the shelf we use in there. I have an idea for something I would like to do with the two trucks already under his crib, the bus pictured in the before picture, and the tractor that he received for Christmas.

I kept the barn out because Skyler still plays with it a lot. The tool bench from Joe and me, and a drum that Joe was given as a kid are very popular toys with the little guy right now!

As this is already a marathon of a post, coming soon will be the completed labeling system, additional book storage, his closet reveal, and some final touches I did to make his overall room, and not just the toys, a little more organized.

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