Sunday, January 12, 2014

Balloon Play

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We had a play date last week at a friend's house. Of all the fun and unfamiliar toys he could choose to play with, Skyler had a blast playing with a balloon that had been inflated with helium for his little friend's birthday party in October. The balloon had long lost it's helium lift. Skyler ran all around the house, holding onto the fallen balloon by the ribbon. It bounced up and down so easily and he couldn't stop giggling at this exciting toy.

I went out to buy balloons as quickly as possible.

To make our balloon a little different, I used some of our extra bells to fill the balloon before blowing it up. I stretched the opening of the balloon and Skyler helped me by putting six of the bells into the balloon. I blew up the filled balloon, tied some white yarn with a small circle on the end for Skyler to hold and we were ready to play! 

Skyler showing off how we stuffed the balloon with bells and then 'blowing' it up :) 
Don't worry - it did not go into his mouth and I was supervising the entire time he held that balloon!

The rest of the afternoon, Skyler danced around with his balloon. It was pretty adorable. He also enjoyed throwing it into the air, kicking it, shaking it in his hands, and hitting the balloon with the mallet from his hand drum! 

The balloon makes a great noise with the bells and Skyler enjoyed everything about this activity,  helping me make the shaker and of course playing with it!

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