Friday, January 24, 2014

Valentine Kisses

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On Valentine's Day last year, I was working at a childcare center as the lead teacher in an infant room. Skyler was in the room with me, and we brought these easy and cute edible Valentine's for the babies in our room. Of course, we were using bananas, but this could be done with other fruits and veggies as well (Will you peas be my Valentine? Pumpkins, sweet potatoes, etc. could all be fun to make into loving phrases!)

The first Valentine's Day with my little Valentine!

This year, we are making these cute Valentine's for Skyler's grandparents (act surprised when you see them, okay?) and his ECFE and music teachers! I made a canvas version to put on our shelf along with our potato stamp and printed canvases. The canvas we used was one of the two that I salvaged when our prints did not turn out. It was most recently seen with a quick coat of spray adhesive and some cute pink chevron scrapbook paper.  

To make our Valentine's, I cropped one of the photos from our 18 month photo shoot (with MJ Fotography, Inc.) that looked a little bit like Skyler was puckering up for a kiss. I added a kissy word and little heart in the corner, and printed off a bunch!

We had fun making Skyler "blow kisses" in the picture, by adding some hand prints with red paint near his mouth. All we had to do was glue the finished picture onto the scrapbook covered canvas, and our Valentine was complete!

Our final canvas decoration was added to the shelf! Now we are going to swap out the other decorations currently on the shelf and make some more Valentine themed things to fill in the cubbies!

The Valentine's we are giving to Skyler's teacher will not be on canvas, but I will write them a little note to go along with the picture that Skyler helped create for them!

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