Saturday, January 4, 2014

Game Day

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My husband has played soccer since he was three or four. This summer we went for a walk and saw something like "Tiny Tot" soccer practice going on near us. We smiled watching the teeny kids running around, imagining Skyler, who was not even one at the time, running around with them in a few years. Skyler received two little soccer balls for Christmas, and he is always kicking the balls clear across our living room!

Joe joined an indoor league, today was the first game, so Skyler and I tagged along to watch daddy play. It is actually a futsal league, so the game is only around 50 minutes. I brought Skyler's little puppy backpack filled with books, his tiny soccer ball (he preferred an extra game ball), paper with crayons, a ColorBlast book, and snacks.

I could not believe how attentive Skyler was on the game. He was completely focused the entire time. I fed him a pouch while his eyes followed the players, too entranced to feed himself crackers. The only problem was that he wanted to play SO BAD! He would get up from my lap with his little ball and try to walk out on the field, crying when I pulled him toward me. We did walk along the sideline and kick around his ball (he had more fun with daddy when he was off the field), but we sat and watched most of the time. In the last ten minutes of the game I pulled out his ColorBlast book so that he wasn't quite so attached to the game.

Sad about this one being blurry, I just love it!

It was a wonderful afternoon and we are already looking forward to the next game!

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