Thursday, January 9, 2014

Closet Reveal

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Well, it is still incredibly frustrating to photograph, but the closet is finished and I am so happy with the results!

I am also happy to be done with this project so I can get back to writing posts about the fun stuff I do with Skyler. Between working on this during his naps when I am normally prepping activities and how interested he has been with everything he got for Christmas, we really have not been doing too many new activities around here. The two things we have done almost every day because Skyler has been LOVING them, are snow painting with food coloring and washing dishes in the sink.

But, back to the closet. The wonderfully organized and easy to maintain closet! I am so giddy every time I open the door I can hardly stand it. And this entire room reorganization took me only ten days. 30-60 minute chunks at a time. Whew.

Some of these pictures really stink which is kind of a bummer because it looks amazing in person, but our camera was not loving all the super close up shots in a very skinny space, so I had to take some with my IPad. I'll take what I can get I suppose...

This was the closet as I left it last with some minor de-cluttering that took less than an hour.

And here is the finished closet as of yesterday.

You can't see me, but I am smiling.

My favorite thing about the closet and what I see first when I open the doors are the pictures of Skyler that I took until he turned twelve months old. One set of the pictures had been along the back wall, but it didn't really work in the space, so now they are both along the wall to the left.

The green set of drawers got some cute shelf liner (that I used to line his dresser drawers here) and some labels. The bottom dresser used to hold odds and ends, but now is where I put stray hangers.

The shelving unit on the opposite wall also got some labels above each cubby. These bins did not change at all, but I did go through a couple of them to get rid of things we don't use anymore.

Starting at the top left and going to the right, we keep seasonal items (Halloween costume from this year and an inflatable swimming pool) and bags, Manuals and extra parts for toys or furniture, baby wearing gear, and diapers. The bottom left and over houses an alphabet play mat, documents (papers from classes, cards to Skyler, filled journals that I write to him), balls (that used to be in the inflatable pool ball pit in our living room), and his laundry basket. 

Something I decided to do at the last minute was store some of Skyler's smaller art materials in a random shoe organizer that I have had for years. I put it in Skyler's closet when we moved in and it has just hung there ever since!

We use the strainer at the top to thread pipe cleaners, and then the four bins below hold adhesives, decorations, drawing tools, and paints/paint brushes. His ColorBlast books are there as well, but they are usually out of his closet, or at least one is. I am trying to think of a better use for that space. These little bins are great because I can easily grab the type of supply I am looking for instead of searching through the bigger art bin on the top shelf.

The upper shelf has large bins for some assorted manipulative toys for smaller hands, the bigger art supplies like construction paper and sheets of foam, and the musical instruments and interactive toys that are being rotated out for now. Though, with the Velcro attaching the pictures on the bins, I can easily put these back out in his room. The smaller bin has some extra sensory bin materials. 


The other side of the shelf is where I keep our color box and Skyler's holiday themed books. For now, I love this cute cloth bin, but as his collection of holiday books grows, I will most likely purchase some skinny bins for each season of books, and hold something like stuffed animals or balls in the striped bin.

The greatest perk of this reorganized closet is that every single thing has a place, which should make maintaining the space nice and easy so it does not end up looking like that before picture again!

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