Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Toddler Friendly Toy Labels

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The new toy/storage photo shoot of last week feels so worth it now - all of the shelves and bins are labeled! It took a little bit of time to print, cut, and prepare the pictures to become labels, but wow, I love it (and Skyler enjoys pointing out all of the pictures and showing me where things belong!)

For the labels going on the shelves, I just cut them out and then used contact paper to stick them directly to the shelf with the printed word(s) underneath. The pictures that went on the bins I covered front and back in contact paper with the printed word(s) on the picture, and then I used Velcro squares to adhere them to the bins (so I can switch them out at any time!)

The labeled shelves! The pictures I took show the toys in the bin they belong in. This way, if all the toys end up out of their bins, Skyler, or anyone helping him, will know which bin to grab for a certain toy.

 The labels are covered up when all of the toys are in place.

The toys that are in containers have a picture on it, but the LEGO blocks and the shelf with activity scarves and buckets/shovels do not have a label on the toy because they are basically their own container.

The puppets and soft blocks at the foot of Skyler's crib got labels as well! Again, these are attached with Velcro so I can easily change out the toys if needed.

Before the reorganization, we had the extra board books in a bin on the shelf, but with all of the new books Skyler received for Christmas, I knew we needed a bigger space for them! The bottom drawer of his dresser previously held nursing supplies and after Christmas housed the new toys before I rotated them. Skyler loves opening the bottom drawer to all of his books!

The front of the drawer got a label and each bin shows a picture of the books. Since they do come out of the drawer frequently, it is still obvious what belongs in the bin even when they are emptied.

Along with the books, I put a simple printed description for the other drawers on the dresser that can be seen on the top left of each in the photo above. The labels are for diapering, accessories, and blankets. 

These drawers have always been somewhat organized, but I decided to spruce them up a little bit since I was working on the rest of the room. I covered the bottom of each drawer with shelf liner (so much better already!) and then drawers got some minor decluttering and reorganization.

The only thing I changed in this drawer was the bins. Before they were more random, based on where things could fit. Now, the bin on the far left holds things for me (hand sanitizer for a quick clean and bubbles to make my boy giggle during changes!), the second bin has anything that may need to be used for Skyler, but less frequently, like medications, and the bin on the right holds items that we use daily.

This drawer got a little more love. I put the extra crib sheet with the blankets and moved the shoes that Skyler grew out of into their original boxes in the closet. This drawer has all of his accessories: hats, mittens, current socks, socks to grow into, extra bibs, and the hole in the middle is where I put onesies - when there are clean ones ;)

There is no before picture for the blanket drawer because it doesn't look much different, though if you look closely you can see a little bit of the cute shelf liner peeking through! 

I am happy with how everything turned out in the room, and it really did not take much time. They were all things that were easy to do while Skyler was napping or sleeping at night. I worked in half hour to hour chunks when I got time and the overall room feels much less cluttered.

Skyler has done great with the labels. The picture labels are perfect for young toddlers to help clean up their own toys and since I used the Velcro squares to attach the pictures, I can easily switch out toys when the time comes.

On a related note, the closet is looking awesome! Today I picked up a couple of extra bins for art material storage. I am excited to post some pictures of the changes that have happened in that room - it has definitely been the biggest change in Skyler's room!


  1. Wow that's impressive! It didn't occur to me that with the pictures, Skyler would be able to put things in the right container and shelf.

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