Monday, January 6, 2014

Color Box

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A few months ago we had an extra diaper box sitting around. I don't usually keep them, but for some reason kept this one. I decided to cover it in paper. Skyler actually loved that part because he threw all the scraps in the garbage can one by one and also got to play with sticky tape. 

Since covering the box, we have used it every once in awhile to put different art materials on. Skyler used crayons the first time he decorated his box. The kid loves crayons. 

Skyler was not a fan of finger painting. I decided to try finger paints the next time we used the box, hoping that he would enjoy the experience enough to not think about the paint as much. At first he was hesitant, painting with one finger, but by the end he absolutely loved it, filling an entire side of the box. Since then, Skyler has really enjoyed painting with his hands!

Yesterday we were stuck inside with frigid temps outside. We hadn't used the box for awhile, so I grabbed the box and a bag of assorted stickers and Skyler got down to business. Stickers are always popular in our house! After peeling them off, Skyler shows me every sticker before attaching them to the paper. He gives Mama lots of stickers as well! Such a sweet boy :)

We started with small shiny stars and some wintry stickers. 

Then we added letters and vehicles.

Owls came next and then I gave Skyler an extra sticker from Kid's Hair.

Then Skyler remembered what else he likes to do with stickers. There were no stickers added to the box after that!

Now it's time to come up with fun new ideas for the other half of our box!

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