Monday, January 13, 2014

Peek-A-Boo Booklets

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One of Skyler's favorite books is Peek-a Who? by Nina Laden. He calls it "choo choo!" because the train is his favorite. Usually when I read it to him I will say "Peek-a..." and he says "choo choo" to every page. He loves to partially open the page and look through the hole.

In college, I made some peek-a-boo booklets for a class as a DIY educational tool. I thought that with his interest in that book, he may enjoy these booklets. They are above his age level a bit, but he does enjoy them. I picked out the ones I knew he would recognize when he opened them.

I made the books by printing pictures in three categories: food, animals, and nature. I folded a piece of construction paper to make the booklet and glued the pictures down inside. I purchased a large hole punch, but I couldn't get it far enough in for some of the pictures, so for most I used a x-acto knife and an extra cut out circle to make the holes. 

I made the holes based on each picture, giving recognizable aspects of each picture as the hint. The snout of the pig, the seeds of the kiwi, the petals of the flower, or the feathers on the peacock. These booklets would be perfect for preschool age and young school children. Older kids would like these as well, but they would be a lot easier for them. Students could help in the process by finding pictures in old magazines! Other options for photos would be taking pictures of a child's toys (similar to the photos I took for Skyler's labels) or pictures of family members. In a preschool class, you could create a book with pictures of each student and have the holes showing the same facial feature, like eyes or smiles! Using a x-acto knife would make it easy to cut a peek-a-boo hole for these types of pictures! There are so many possibilities with these booklets! Also, they are a great quiet quiz game for pairs of students.

Skyler enjoyed looking at the booklets. He would poke the picture through the hole, and quickly flip open the page. He told me 'nana' for banana and 'moo' for cow before opening them up! Sometimes he would lift open the page a little bit and sneak a peek :)

Give these fun booklets a try with any age!

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